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Wells Fargo Loan Lead JS 111822

Wells Fargo Under Fire Again With More Legal Problems

The San Francisco-based bank has paid several settlements over claims of various improper banking practices.

Sorry Gates, Buffett and Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos Just Became the World's Richest Man

Elon Musk Hits Jeff Bezos Very Hard

The world's second and third richest men have a relationship that is hard to fathom.

A crowded Royal Caribbean pool deck. Royal Caribbean Lead JS

Royal Caribbean Has Bad News For Passengers (And a Warning)

The cruise line recently shared some news you should be very wary of and Carnival and Norwegian customers should pay attention.

An aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip. Lead JS

Las Vegas Strip Superstar Residency Might Return in 2024

The superstar performer will complete a European tour before considering a return to the Strip.

denied mortgage couple bills sh

Unmarried Couples and Shared Bank Accounts: A Good or a Bad Idea?

Unless you’re hitched, should you ditch the “couples” bank account?

THUMB Filing Taxes JS 092022

7 Smart Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund

You can maximize your tax refund in several ways — from paying off high-interest debt to investing in a business or saving for retirement.


The Average Tax Refund Where You Live

The IRS warned taxpayers to expect smaller refunds in 2023. Here's what's typical in every U.S. state.

Dave Ramsey Lead KL 032723

Dave Ramsey Has Blunt Words About One Easy Money Trick for Freedom

Many people assume the wrong approach is correct.

A Southwest Airlines plane sits on the Tarmac. Lead JS 102122

Southwest Airlines Quietly Solves a Huge Passenger Problem.

The airline has been working on fixing its problems, and while this fix won't get a lot of publicity, fliers will appreciate it.

Electric Vehicle Lead

One Game-Changing EV Could Charge In The Time It Takes To Fill A Gas Tank

The new models will be available in 2024.

Elon Musk Lead JS 092122

Elon Musk Sends a Moving Message

In a long message on Twitter, the billionaire CEO talks about his childhood and the complicated relationship with his father Errol.

Salesforce Tower Lead KL 113022

Salesforce Stock: a Breakout Is Looming; Here’s the Trade

Salesforce stock has just made 52-week highs. Here's the breakout level to know right now.

A Costco shopping cart sits in its parking lot. Costco Lead

Costco's New Offer Is Worth the Price of Joining (and Then Some)

The warehouse club has a deal that could pay for your membership and leave you with thousands in extra savings.

PacWest bank DB 032223 LEAD

PacWest Stock Higher After Slashing Quarterly Dividend, Says Business Is 'Sound'

"Our business remains fundamentally sound," said PacWest CEO Paul Taylor.

Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett Lead KL 032023

Elon Musk Receives High Praise from Warren Buffett And Charlie Munger

The two legendary investors were asked about the techno king at Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders meeting on May 6.

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Jerome Powell Inflation Lead JS

Inflation Could Cool To Fed's 2% Target By End of Year

With consumer prices continuing to cool, economists expect that inflation could decelerate to 2% by December.

Jerome Powell Federal Reserve Lead KL 021623

Federal Reserve Raises Rates, But Hints At Future Pause

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the tenth straight time, but signaled that a potential pause could be in store.

Jim Cramer Reveals Who's on His Fantasy Football Radar

J.J. Watt Says NFL Players Make a Critical Financial Mistake - How to Avoid Making It

Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt shares what he learned about how to manage his finances as a young player, and how the next generation of NFL players can manage their money.

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